The Survivor Stories DVD - Domestic Violence DVD

DVD on Domestic Violence - Launched
26th November 2007

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The Survivor Stories DVD Project brings the stories of those that have experienced domestic violence and of the struggle individuals from diverse communities faced in their constant search for support. With empathy, Surviv
orís Stories DVD project shares the real life experiences of those individuals and their strength and ability to rebuild their lives. Person Centred Consultancies supports the project throughout with a focus on equality and diversity and through the development of the website and a 'Virtual Launch' with Person Centred Designs.

The Survivors Stories website was launched virtually through Patricia ( Tish ) Mata and Person Centred Designs. See the promotion advert at Yahoo Upcoming
This was the first of it's kind in the UK using web 2.0 interaction across the web and the globe!

Survivors Stories DVD - Consultancy Virtual Web 2.0 LaunchConsultancy Services - Survivors Stories DVd Web 2.0 Virtual

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