Past areas of Freelance Training

Training, Mentoring & Person Centred Counselling - London Based - Consultancy Services across the UK

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  • Research into Drugs, Sex, Health and Safety - Middlesex University  in conjunction with Tower Hamlets Health Authority and Langdon Park School - commissioned work
  • Equal Opportunities in Employment- for students at Tower Hamlets College
  • Equality and Diversity -EOP In Action - across YWCA
  • Sexuality Awareness - Redbridge Youth Service
  • Drugs Awareness and Developing Drugs Policies- Redbridge Youth Service
  • Tower Hamlets schools INSET Training days & School Govenor Groups ( see above )
  • Developing Youth Work with Young Women For Bengali Female workers - Avenues Unlimited Youth Centre,  Brick Lane, London  and Harrow Community and Youth Service - Full and Part Time staff           
  • Development of Youth Work Part time Qualification Course - with YWCA 
  • Parenting Awareness Programme - Harrow Social Services - Leaving Care Team
  • Teenage Pregnancy Awareness programme -  Alperton Community School
  • Healthy Living on a Budget - Harrow Social Services - Leaving Care Team and Mosaic LGBT Youth Group
  • Domestic Violence Education Prevention Awareness Programme - Harrow Domestic Violence Forum and across borough
  • Developing Healthy Relationships Awareness Programme for Young People- Northwick Park G.U.M.Service and across borough
  •  Assertion Skills training for women & Assertion Skills training for Black women - Harrow International Women's Day events
  • Website development - For counselling and 3rd Sector Service - Awareness Matters
  • Logo / website and branding support - For counselling and 3rd Sector Service -  Counselling Services Direct
  • Consultancy - Services for Survivor Stories DVD Project - Suffolk , London and across the UK
  • Consultancy and Facilitation Services -  Works For Me? ( Suffolk) for OffShoot Films

Please contact us with your specific requests and programme needs for bespoke training design.  

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